Author Interview: Jenna Morland and Revived!

We've got another debut author today on Why Words Work! Publishing her first book, Revived, in 2018, we're going to ask Jenna Morland how it feels to be an almost published writer! Let's get to it! First things first: Congratulations on your debut novel! How does it feel to know that your book will soon... Continue Reading →


Author Interview: Tim Gabrielle and This Land of Monsters!

We're doing something a little different today on Why Words Work. Today, we're going to talk to a debut author, who's book is scheduled to publish next year. This stage of the publishing process - nestled between the humble notebook, and placing the books on the shelves - is both daunting and exciting. I was... Continue Reading →

V.E.Schwab: The Art of the Opening Line

An opening line can make or break a manuscript submission. They’re also incredibly underestimated by writers and readers alike. The opening line is a powerful tool. It can hook the reader with a dramatic piece of action. It can be a glimpse of the tones, themes, or deeper layers of the book. It can be... Continue Reading →

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