Review Policy

Books/Genres I Review

General Fiction.

Crime/Thrillers/Historical Crime/Mystery.

Historical Fiction.


Magic Realism.

Speculative Fiction.

Short Story Collections.

If you are unsure about whether your book fits into one of these categories, check the types of books I have already reviewed. This may give you some idea about what types of story I enjoy. If you have done this and you are STILL unsure, shoot me a message either through my contact page or through Twitter.

Books/Genres I DON’T Review

Non-Fiction Books. (See exceptions.)




Science Fiction. (See exceptions.)

Paranormal Romance.

Graphic Novels.

Children’s Books.

Young Adult (YA) books. (See exceptions.)

I am not knowledgeable, or a fan, of these genres. I am sure the book is fantastic – but unfortunately, reading is subjective. I have personal preferences to the books I want to read. And I don’t want to review something if I cannot give it an honest, fair shake. It’s not fair on the author, the book, the publisher, or my readers. I hope you understand.


Non-Fiction: The only non-fiction I review are books specifically about writing. These include how-to guides, thoughts on writing, advice on writing – books designed to help writers on their journey. While some of these books may include biographical content, I do not review biographies.

Science Fiction: I do not review hard-core science fiction. Things similar to Alistair Reynolds – high concept science fiction, space opera, stories focused on the technical aspects or science behind the story, that sort of thing. The Paper Menagerie and Zero K are good examples of the sci-fi I enjoy. Steampunk is fine with me too.

Young Adult (YA): If the YA book can be considered as cross-genre, I may consider it. For example, The Sons of Thestian and The Emerald Circus border between YA and non-YA due to their narrative voice, themes, and content. Books such as Percy Jackson, The Perks of Being a Wallflower or most of John Green’s work are firmly in the YA genre. Also, if I personally find a YA book that speaks to me I may review it, but this will probably be a very rare occasion. This is nothing against YA itself – I respect the genre and its audience immensely –  I am just not a fan.

Self-Published Books

I will review self-published books on a case-by-case basis.

With the ease of publishing nowadays, there are so many self-published books around on the market. The connection that self-published authors inspire within their readers is astounding to me. They are, in many ways, at the forefront of the reading and writing community.

I understand that reviews are incredibly important to self-published authors – perhaps more so than traditional publishers. As such, I try my best to include as many as I can.

However, this means that I get a lot of requests from self-published authors, and I sadly cannot review them all.

If you have a self-published book that you would like me to review, please send me a snippet of the first chapter along with your inquiry. That way, I can be sure whether it is a book I would like to review.

If I do decline, I assure you it is nothing personal – I am just one human with too many books to read as is.