Author Interview: Nancy Herriman and Searcher of the Dead!

What's not to love about Elizabethan drama, a brutal murder, and a past riddled with secrets? The Searcher of the Dead is the first in a new series, and one which I hope continues to grow with each new installment. However, what does it take to write a historical crime? And how does it feel... Continue Reading →


Writing Confessions: Work Vs. Friends

The coffee table is awash with crisps, chocolate, and breadsticks. My friends and I bundle onto the sofa, grab the closest snack, and turn on the TV. The latest episode of our favourite show is on, and we all want to watch it together. I’ve allowed myself this break. I want to be with my... Continue Reading →

My Experience at The London Book Fair

  Hello Everyone! So, I wanted to try something different. As I explain in the audio, I have chosen to record myself talking about The London Book Fair instead of writing about to save you reading through a stupidly long document covering all three days. This was a great fun to cobble together. I'd love... Continue Reading →

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