Writing Confessions: Writing is my Self-Care

A while ago I was having a chat with my friend, Faust. He’s a youtuber, a very creative, amazing person, and has been my best friend for nearly ten years. At the time, I’d just got back from university and, sitting in his office, I told him about my struggle to write. The motivation was gone.... Continue Reading →


Writing Confessions: Being Too Honest

During August, I pitched an article to the wonderful people at The Nopebook. An online feminist magazine with a bunch of creative content, helpful editorial staff, and a relentless bravery to cover topics that others are too scared to tackle anywhere else on the web. Needless to say, I really like what they do. So... Continue Reading →

Writing Confessions: On Being Afraid

I am afraid. Afraid I’ll never make it as a published writer. Afraid that I will never finish a novel. Afraid that I should be pursuing more normal hobbies, like exercise, or drinking. Afraid of all the success stories I hear. Afraid of all the failures that creep around the edges of my opportunities. Afraid... Continue Reading →

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