Author Interview: Keith Yatsuhashi – Kojiki and Kokoro

Mythical creatures. Giant robots. Intergalatic destinies. Magical mysteries. Keith Yatsuhashi's novels, Kojiki and Kokoro, stretch across the divide between fantasy and sci-fi. Their vibrant, action-packed worlds have inspired many fans of the speculative fiction genre. Not only because of they're ability to blend magic with science, but also because of the underlying passion that runs... Continue Reading →


Author Interview: Natasha Sapienza and Prodigy Prince

Natasha Sapienza is a writer, actress, Christian, blogger and Youtuber. She is super passionate about relationships; when she isn't helping her husband with his filmaking, or raising her two sons Arrow and Braven, she is encouraging women by teaching them confidence, self-respect, and relationship advice. While she has three non-fiction e-books under her belt, Prodigy... Continue Reading →

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