Websites for Bookworms on a Budget

Being a bookworm is an expensive lifestyle. Whether you read for fun, education, business, or to blog about it, all the books you consume can add up to a hefty total at the end of the month. Doubly so if you want to keep up with the newest releases. There are a few IRL solutions... Continue Reading →


Book Blogger Binge: Hype Trains, Mid-Year Freak Outs and More…

It's Book Blogger Binge time again! Apologies about missing last week. I had a major change in my personal life that needed to take priority - if you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know. Just a small reminder that all the bloggers featured on this list can be found on my Book Blogger... Continue Reading →

My Experience at The London Book Fair

  Hello Everyone! So, I wanted to try something different. As I explain in the audio, I have chosen to record myself talking about The London Book Fair instead of writing about to save you reading through a stupidly long document covering all three days. This was a great fun to cobble together. I'd love... Continue Reading →

Update: Planned Posts for February

Hello everyone! January of 2018 is over. And man, what an amazing month for Why Words Work! Here are just a few of the things January has brought to this blog:   I reviewed some fantastic short story collections - namely The Elephant Vanishes, The Emerald Circus and The Beginning of the World in the... Continue Reading →

Blog Update: Holiday Hiatus and Help!

Hello everyone! I haven't written anything in a few weeks. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, my personal situation has become...complicated. Without going into too much detail, much of my focus has been directed onto my well-being as of late. Mentally, emotionally, and financially. Nothing too serious, I promise! But this period of... Continue Reading →

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