Blog Update: Holiday Hiatus and Help!

Hello everyone! I haven't written anything in a few weeks. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, my personal situation has become...complicated. Without going into too much detail, much of my focus has been directed onto my well-being as of late. Mentally, emotionally, and financially. Nothing too serious, I promise! But this period of... Continue Reading →


V.E.Schwab: The Art of the Opening Line

An opening line can make or break a manuscript submission. They’re also incredibly underestimated by writers and readers alike. The opening line is a powerful tool. It can hook the reader with a dramatic piece of action. It can be a glimpse of the tones, themes, or deeper layers of the book. It can be... Continue Reading →

Bloggers Recognition Award!

Huge thanks to Laura for tagging me in this lovely award. She is a wonderful girl, with an equally wonderful blog, and I highly recommend you check her out. Now, before I begin, I'm gonna let you guys know the rules of this little award: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link... Continue Reading →

5 Easter Gift Ideas for Writers!

Easter is on the horizon. And while I love being buried neck deep in chocolate as much as the next girl, I wanted to share with my fellow wordsmiths some alternative, less-waistband-stretching ideas for the spring holidays. Whether you want to show a writer friend how much you care, or if you're a writer wanting... Continue Reading →

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