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Book Blogger Directory

A Book. A Thought. – Reviews YA and New Adult Fiction

A Nook and A Storybook – Reviews Contemporary Fiction

Against the Flow Press – Reviews Humour, Women’s Fiction, Romance and Indie Authors

Alexa Talks Books – Reviews YA, Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction and Humour

Almost Amazing Grace – Reviews Children’s, MG and YA Fiction. Occasional General Fiction.

Among The Authors – Reviews YA. Looking to include more genres soon.

Amy’s Bookish Life – Reviews YA, Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, and Dystopian Fiction.

Amy’s Ever-Growing Bookshelf – Reviews Adult Literary Fiction

And So She Thinks – Reviews All Genres

Book Blogger Directory

Back to Fiction – Reviews Debut Authors, Adaptations and Children’s Writing

Belle’s Book Blog – Reviews YA Books

Beyond the Stars – Reviews Romance and YA

Bi Bookish Babe – Reviews YA. Loves recommending lesser known books

Bibbidi Bobbidi Book Reviews – Reviews Women’s Fiction, YA, Crime, and other occasional genres

Book after Book – Reviews All Genres

Book Birds – Loves YA Books

Book Bratz – Reviews YA and New Adult Books

Book Jotter – Reviews Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, plus other genres

Book Lovers Blog – Reviews YA, Crime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, General Fiction and MG

Book Murmuration – Reviews Picture Books, Children’s Books, MG and YA Books

Bookable Reads – Reviews YA Books

BookaPlenty – Reviews YA Books

Bookathon – Reviews Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction and Thrillers

Booked on a Feeling – Reviews YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classics, Comics, Graphic Novels and Manga

Bookish Blogger – Reviews YA Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Self-Help/Personal Growth Books

Bookish Geek – Reviews YA, Mystery/Thriller, New Adult, Women’s and General Fiction

Bookish Paige – Reviews YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Contemporary Fiction

Bookish Thoughts – Reviews All Genres

BookPhace – Reviews All Genres (NOT Horror)

Books by Pamela Thompson – Reviews YA and MG Fiction

Books and Bao – Reviews Asian Fiction, all genres

BooksAreMyCwtches – Reviews All Genres

Books Life and Other Oddities – Reviews YA

Books N Myself – Reviews All Genres. (NOT SFF or Erotica)

Books with Jane – Reviews YA Books and Adult Fiction

Bookshelf Bitch – Reviews YA, New Adult and Poetry

Bookwyrming Thoughts – Reviews YA, New Adult, Fantasy and Paranormal


Book Blogger Directory

Cafe Manon – Reviews Thrillers, YA, New Adult and General Fiction

Caffeinated Bookworm Life – Reviews YA Books, Fantasy and Contemporary Fiction

Chased by my Imagination – Reviews YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical, MG, Poetry and Contemporary Fiction

Cheezy Feet Books – Reviews YA and Children’s Fiction

Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog – Reviews Crime, Historical, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Non-Fiction, Romance, YA

Chouett – Reviews All Genres

Chrikaru Reads – Reviews Picture Books, Middle-Grade, YA, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Graphic Novels

City of Books – Reviews YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and occasionally other Fiction genres.

Clem Loves – Loves Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romantic Comedies and YA.

Clockwork Bibliophile – Reviews YA and MG Books

Crime Traveller – Reviews True Crime

A Cup of Wonderland – Reviews All Genres.

Curiouser and Curiouser – Reviews YA and geeky stuff. Also features interviews from female authors.

Curly Book Owl – Reviews YA, Thrillers, New Adult and Romance

Cursed Books – Reviews YA, NA, Fantasy, and Contemporary Fiction.

Cuz I’m a Nerd – Reviews All Genres

Book Blogger Directory

Dance With Books – Reviews Fantasy

Debbie’s Library – Reviews YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction

Diva Reads – Reviews All Genres

Dog Eared Reads – Reviews Literary Fiction, YA, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and anything that is a good read!

Dreamy Addictions – Reviews YA, New Adult and Contemporary Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Eater of Books – Reviews YA, New Adult and various Adult Fiction

Ebs and Her Reads – Reviews All Genres. Loves Romance and YA Fantasy

Emma’s Chapter – Reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical Fiction

Emma’s Bookery – Reviews Young Adult, Crime, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, and Contemporary Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Fafa’s Book Corner – Reviews MG, YA, New Adult and Adult Fiction

First Book Love – Reviews YA Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy

For The Love of Books – Reviews YA Books

Frost at Midnite – Reviews Thrillers, Romance, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction and some Non-Fiction

Full Time Nerd – Reviews YA Books but will occasionally branch out

Fuzzy Bookworm – Reviews YA Books

Book Blogger Directory

Book Blogger Directory

Howling Turtle – Reviews YA, New Adult, Fantasy, LGBTQ+ and Science Fiction

Hung Up On Books – Reviews YA. Also writes about events and unboxings.


Book Blogger Directory

I Fangirl About Books – Reviews YA Books

Illustrated Page – Reviews Science Fiction and Fantasy

Book Blogger Directory

Jelly Fable – Reviews YA and LGBTQ+ Fiction

Jenny in Neverland – Reviews Fiction. Loves Thriller / Psychological Thriller / Mystery.

Jessica’s Book Biz – Reviews Women’s Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Kiss Like a Girl – Reviews Romance, Erotica, and Women’s Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Laura Noakes – Reviews YA and MG Books

Lea Elm – Reviews Literary Fiction, Translated Literature, Art Books, Photography Books and Stories about Migrants

Left Handed Book Lover – Reviews YA Books

Library Girl and Book Boy – Reviews Picture Books and Children’s Books

Life of a Nerdish Mum – Reviews All Genres

Life of a Simple Reader – Reviews YA Contemporary (Romance), Dystopian, Coming-of-Age, and sometimes NA Romance

Lil Book Lovers – Reviews YA and MG Books.

Linda’s Book Bag – Reviews All Genres

Lindsay Maeve Schubert – Reviews Picture Books, Children’s Books, MG books and YA books.

Lisa Reads Books – Reviews Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Children’s Books and YA

Listener’s Slant – Reviews Audiobooks of all genres

Lit Place – Writes essays and discussion pieces on books of all genres

Literary Feast – Reviews YA Books

Little Book Nerds – Reviews YA, Fantasy and most other genres

Little Book Owl – Reviews All Genres. Loves Fantasy.

Little Fox and Reads – Reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction and YA Books.

Living in a World of Book Quotes – Reviews YA Books

Lost in a Good Book – Reviews All Genres except horror. Loves indie writers.

Lovely Owls Books – Reviews YA Books

Lucy V. Hay – Reviews Crime, Psychological Thriller, Literary Fiction, YA, and Non-Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Married to Books – Reviews All Genres. Loves YA and Thrillers.

Me and My Books – Reviews All Genres

Megan Manzano – Reviews YA and MG Books

Mel To The Any – Reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA and Romance

Misanthropester – Reviews All Genres. Loves Literary Fiction and Poetry

My Book Corner – Reviews Picture Books, Children’s Books, MG Books and YA Books

My Bookish Blog Spot – Reviews Crime, Psychological Thriller, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction and Literary Fiction

My World of Books – Reviews YA and NA, Contemporary and Fantasy

Book Blogger Directory

Nias Book Fort – Reviews YA books, Fantasy, Manga, Anime and Cosplay

Nico Bell Fiction – Reviews All Genres (Monthly Book Review)

No Bent Spines – Reviews Romance and YA Books

Northern Plunder – Reviews YA and Graphic Novels

Novel Glimpse – Reviews Romance, YA, New Adult, and occasionally other genres

Book Blogger Directory

Ocean Glimmer – Reviews Thriller, YA, Science Fiction and Mystery

Odd and Bookish – Reviews YA, Historical Fiction, Romance and Contemporary Fiction

Old Soul Bookworm – Reviews All Genres

One More – Reviews Fantasy and Science Fiction

On The Shelf Books – Reviews Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Non Fiction , and other genres

Our First Year Here – Reviews All Genres. Loves Crime and YA

Book Blogger Directory

Pewter Wolf – Reviews YA and Adult Fiction

Polish and Paperbacks – Reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction and YA Books

Polished and Bubbly – Reviews All Genres

Princess and the Pen – Reviews All Genres

Probability Reading – Reviews YA Books

Book Blogger Directory


Random Things Through My Letter Box – Reviews All Genres

Readable Life – Reviews YA and Fantasy Fiction

Reader Voracious – Reviews Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, YA and General Fiction

Reading in Winter – Reviews Classics, YA, Mystery, Thrillers, Horror, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction

Reading Through Infinity – Reviews Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA, Contemporary Fiction, Poetry, Manga and Graphic Novels. Also writes book features.

Reading Under The Blankie – Reviews Thriller, Mystery, Crime, and occasional Contemporary Fiction.

Reading with Jade – Reviews All Genres. Loves MG Fiction.

Reviewing Shelf – Reviews YA, Thriller, Classics, Non-Fiction, Mystery and Historical Fiction

Ridiculously Ordinary – Reviews All Genres.

Ruby’s Books – Reviews All Genres

Roaming Reader – Reviews YA Books

Romantics, Rebels and Reviews – Reads Thriller, Horror, Crime, YA and occasional Women’s Fiction

Book Blogger Directory

Sarah Thomas Books – Reviews YA, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Classics and Horror

Sarah’s Vignettes – Reviews Most Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres.

Sassologist – Reviews All Genres, Comics and Graphic Novels. Pop Culture Blog.

Scarlet Writers – Reviews YA and New Adult. Loves Fantasy.

Sepia Tinted Windows – Reviews Historical Fiction

Short Book and Scribes – Reviews All Fiction Genres and some non-fiction

Silently Loud Girl – Reviews YA Books

Simply Ally Tea – Reviews YA, MG, and occasional Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Simply Suze Reviews – Reviews Crime and Psychological Thrillers. Open to other genres.

Singer of Stories – Matches books with their ideal song. Reviews YA, Thriller, Cosy Crime and New Adult

Sissi Reads – Reviews Historical Fiction, Romance, Erotica, New Adult, YA, Fantasy and Literary Fiction

So Many Good Books, So Little Time – Picture Books, Children’s Books, MG and YA

Sophie Reads YA – Reviews YA Books

Spoilers May Apply – Reviews Contemporary Fiction

Sprinkle of Books – Reviews Children’s Books, YA. Open to other genres.

Story Snug – Reviews Picture Books and MG Books

Sucker for Coffe – Reviews Historical Fiction, Thrillers, Classics, New Adult, YA, Fantasy

Book Blogger Directory

Tackfiction – Reviews All Genres

Tattooed Book Geek – Reviews Fantasy, Crime, Thriller and Mystery

Tecsielity – Reviews YA

That Book Gal – Reviews YA and occasional Christian Fiction

The Book Trail – Reviews Books from Across the Globe

The Bookworm Daydreamer – Reviews Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery and YA

The Library Door – Reviews All Genres, except YA

The Spine View – Reviews General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction and Paranormal

This Girl Reads – Reviews All Genres, usually debut authors

The Thinker – Reviews Novels, Short Fiction, Memoir and Autobiography


Book Blogger Directory

Unconventional Bookviews – Reviews Romance, YA, Women’s Fiction, New Adult, Suspense and Mystery

Book Blogger Directory

Vagaries of us – Reviews Romance and YA Books

Varietats – Reviews Crime, Mystery and Thriller

Book Blogger Directory

Wee Bit Wordy – Reviews YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy and occasional Non-Fiction

Whoever Said I Was Wise – Reviews All Genres, mainly Fantasy

Word Revel – Reviews YA, Women’s Fiction and Fantasy

Words of Mystery – Reviews YA, Contemporary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mystery and Literary Fiction

Writing Garnet – Reviews Most Fiction (NOT Science Fiction, Horror, Erotica and Western).

Writing The Universe – Reviews YA and New Adult.


Book Blogger Directory

Book Blogger Directory

Book Blogger Directory

Zooloo’s Book Blog – Reviews All Genres. Loves Crime and Thriller