Author Interview: Vanessa Harbour and Flight!

We have a very special guest here on the blog today. I am super excited to feature her not only because she is a debut novelist, brilliant academic, and talented writer, but also because she was my lecturer! She was an inspiration to me during my time at university, so I am really happy to... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh

Crime books centered around lawyers, rather than detectives or killers, can be very hit or miss for me. Either, you have a suspenseful courtroom drama where the outcome is anyone’s game - or you have a meandering, stilted, slightly awkward criminal romp where the writer can’t figure out how to make a trial exciting and... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Lancelot by Giles Kristian

I received my copy of Lancelot as part of the Lancelot blog tour, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Anne Cater and Giles Kristian for the review copy! My first foray into arthurian legend was the BBC adaptation, Merlin. Sure, it was cheesy in places, melodramatic, and had terrible CGI, but I was... Continue Reading →

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