Writing Confessions: Writing in the Face of Change


Wow. Okay, so, a lot of things have been happening as of late. They’re all a bit long and complicated to get into right now, but here’s the short version:


  • I just finished my university education.
  • I moved out of my home in Winchester.
  • I’ve moved back into my parents’ place (for now!)
  • I’ve boxes and boxes of all my things, figuring out what to keep, what to chuck.
  • I’ve started a new exercise routine to get myself into better shape, physically.
  • I’m trying to practice regular self care to get myself into better shape, mentally.
  • I’ve had to say goodbye to some of the most wonderful writers I know. (Again, for now.)
  • I’ve recently left my job – unemployed writer life, here I come!
  • I have no idea where I’m going next.


And that’s not including all of the blogging, novel-writing, competition-entering, Enigmatic Studios-ing plans I have set out!



Yet, with all of this uncertainty floating around me, I have found one consistent thread. One thing which has remained with me, even as I find myself staring into the unknown territory of adulthood.

I want to write.

And when I don’t write I get very, very cranky.

The lack of writing hangs over me like a cloud. And the longer it hangs, the darker it gets. The louder the thunder. The more vicious the lightning. When I don’t write, I feel like I want to explode – which, with my current uncertain life situation, is not the best thing to do.

As the winds of change have perked up around me, its brought more clouds that I need to burst. The urge to write hasn’t left me – far from it. Despite the great anxiety I feel, the desire to write has only gotten stronger.

It makes me happy to know that even if life becomes uprooted, the writer in me lives on.


How has everything been with you guys? Is life good? Bad? Somewhere in between? And how do you find yourself writing, when life gets uncertain? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @ERHollands. Knowing that we’re not alone in this can help us in a big, big way.


4 thoughts on “Writing Confessions: Writing in the Face of Change

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  1. I want to write too. I always used to write so much when I was younger but the older I got the more this blanket dropped over me and now I can’t write stories like I used to at all. I miss it so much! I have ideas, but they won’t come out. It’s like permanent writers block.
    You know, having stuff in boxes is sometimes cool cos you can have a real run through of all your stuff and spring clean. 🙂


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