A Book Review: The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris by Chris Ewan

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As you can probably tell from my book theme this month, I have a deeply rooted passion for Lovable Rogues.

Characters you can’t help but love; the charming, sometimes sinister rascals who do all the wrong things yet still manage to win your heart. As a kid, Lovable Rogues were my favourite types of protagonists (and, you could argue, they still are.)

So I want to share with you guys one of the first Lovable Rogues I encountered. The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris by Chris Ewan is the second book in his Good Thief’s Guide Series. Despite this, it was the first of the series that I read – and I gotta say, I still get starry eyed looking at it upon my shelf.

Why has this novel stuck with me so long?



Published by Simon and Schuster

Charlie Howard, crime novelist and experience thief, has made a trip to Paris to celebrate his latest book’s success. After one too many drinks, he shows the thieving ropes to a local Parisian, helping the man break into his own apartment.

Then, the next day, Howard is given a new heist by his fence: steal an ordinary oil painting from the exact same apartment.

Coincidence? Perhaps. That is, until a body turns up on Howard’s doorstep, and the underworld of Paris opens up its doors to the unwitting thief…


Charlie Howard, as a protagonist, is a slightly different rogue to the ones I have reviewed earlier this month. He doesn’t have assassin skills, or devilish charm, or even a sinister entourage – I mean, the book opens up with him being piss-drunk, breaking into someone’s house. He’s not exactly a classy guy.

Yet, though he is a thief, and lies to his agent Victoria, and often lets his greed get the best of him, Charlie Howard is a very likeable character.

You can’t help but grow attached to his shenanigans – even if they are sometimes selfish – because, when push comes to shove, he does his best to get everyone out of the bad situation he’s made for himself.

Not to mention, as a writer myself, I always found the idea of re-telling your own heists as fictional crime novels an entertaining one.

The plot is intriguing, with a good number of twists to keep you on your toes. It’s not a heart-stopping, action packed thriller – but nor is it a cosy couch, sit by the hearth kind of crime novel.

It gets your heart racing the way a city like Paris is supposed to do: Steadily building to the climax, but with enough twists and side-alleys to make sure the journey is worth it.

Victoria is a fantastic side-kick to Howard – cynical, pragmatic, always bugging him for the deadline, but genuinely wanting to see him alive at the end, she provides the perfect straightman to Howard’s blunders.

If you’re on the lookout for a crime novel with a lovable protagonist, an entertaining plot, and a few good laughs, then this is definitely one you should check out. Thieves, murder and conspiracy in the heart of Paris – what more could you need?

Have you read The Good Thief’s Guide series? Or any other book with a thief protagonist? Leave a comment below, or drop by my twitter @ERHollands. Thieves of a feather share secrets together! 😉


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