5 Easter Gift Ideas for Writers!

Easter is on the horizon. And while I love being buried neck deep in chocolate as much as the next girl, I wanted to share with my fellow wordsmiths some alternative, less-waistband-stretching ideas for the spring holidays.

Whether you want to show a writer friend how much you care, or if you’re a writer wanting to treat yourself, I present to you my top 5 Easter gift ideas for us storytelling folk!

Sweet Smelling Easter Candles!


Candles are one of my favourite desk accessories. As a writer, I find I am able to concentrate better in the steady glow of candle light, and helps to bring a more focused atmosphere to my writing space. So, what better way to celebrate the Easter season than seasonal scented candles!

Whether it’s a chocolate aroma, or a candle as refreshing as a spring breeze, an Easter themed candle might be just the gift to inspire that creative mind!

Picture Sources!

Glade Honey and Chocolate Candle.

Yankee Candle Easter Gift Set.

10 Wax Melts Gift Set.

Bibliophile Book Diaries!

Now that Easter break is coming, I’ve begun to eye up my To-Be-Read pile like a hungry wolf. For some of us writers out there, the Easter Season is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed reading.

And what better way to support this habit than a book journal! In their pages, you can keep track of all the books you’ve read, who wrote them, when they were published and even how long it took you to get through it!

Picture Sources!

My Bibliofile Book Journal.

Books I’ve Read Journal.

Busy-B Book Journal.


Motivational Mini Momentos!

For some of us, the spring weather can really get us down. Hay-fever is one of my pet peeves of this season. And when it gets really hot? You better think twice about approaching me, I will be in ultimate grump mode.

So, why not give a fellow writer some support with these adorable motivation momentos? This gift gives you the opportunity to encourage someone in small doses, from telling them how much you love them, to why they’re so much more awesome than they give themselves credit for.

Encourage your writer friends this spring season. Show them that they’re loved. Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

Picture Sources!

Why You’re Gonna do Great.

Why You Make Me Smile.

You and Me = Love.

What I Love About You.

Laugh-Out-Loud Literary Mugs!

Be it coffee, tea, juice or water, a writer will no doubt have a mug of something close by while they’re working. But a simple glass or mug won’t do! Not when you can serve them their favourite beverage in these hilarious, literary themed mugs!

Oddly enough, I find that drinking from good mug while I’m writing makes me more inspired. Don’t you?

Picture Sources!

Watership Down Mug.

Go Away I’m Writing Mug.

Wonderful Teacher Mug.

Eco-Jot’s Jumbo Journals!

Eco-Jot is one of my favourite brands of notebook. The pages of every journal are made from 100% recycled materials. And just look at those designs!

Now that Easter is coming soon, they’ve released a whole new batch of fantastic notebooks for us. So what’re you waiting for? Grab one of these beautiful journals and get to it!

Picture Sources!

Life is Beautiful Eco-Jot Journal

There are always flowers Eco-Jot Journal

Blue Flower Eco-Jot Journal


Happy Easter everyone! Do you have any Easter gift ideas for writers? Got anything to recommend? Comment down below or Tweet me @ERHollands. I’d love to hear from you!


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