April 2017: Updates, Review Schedule and Theme of the Month!

Welcome back, everyone!

After a few months hiatus, Why Words Work is back in action!



First and foremost, I apologise for my absence. Due to personal issues, as well as the mountain that was university, I had to set down the blogging pen.

I also decided to update the layout of my blog. I wanted to make it easier for you guys to navigate, as well as give it a new lick of paint. And I think it looks quite nice!

But what else is new? Well…


Placeholder Image

After everything that has happened in the last few months, I have decided to make a promise to myself: to kick self-doubt right where it hurts and keep a regular writing schedule. And I extend that promise to you guys.

So, from here on out, this will be the intended schedule of my blog:

  • WEDNESDAY ‘THEMED’ REVIEWS: Every Wednesday, I will post a book review. The reviews posted on Wednesdays will follow my Theme of the Month.
  • SPECULATIVE SUNDAY REVIEWS: Speculative Fiction – Fantasy, Sci-fi, Magic Realism and so on – is my absolute favourite genre of literature. Thus, every Sunday, I will post a book review about a Speculative Fiction book. These will not follow a set theme. (AND DUE TO CURRENT TIME CONSTRAINTS, SPECULATIVE SUNDAYS WILL BEGIN IN MAY 2017)
  • ARTICLES: As you’ve probably gathered, I like books. But I also, if not equally, love a good discussion about them. So, every other Friday, I will post an article discussing any number of book related topics. Writing advice, thoughts on genre, top ten lists, maybe even some book news – these will be researched, thought out discussion points. In contrast to my last segment…
  • WRITING CONFESSIONS: This will be a record of my personal writing journey. The good, the bad, and the downright bizarre will be recorded in my writing confessions segment. As of yet, these will happen as and when I feel there is something I want to share with you guys. Consider it my own personal little corner in this place.


While there will be slight alterations as I go along, this will be the regular schedule I will be working towards. So I hope you’re ready for some regular updates! (And I hope I’m ready to write them. XD )


So, you may be wondering, what’s the theme for this month? Well, seeing as I am on the last few weeks of my creative writing degree, I decided to dedicate this month to…



The advice of other writers can be just what we need when we’re in a writing slump. But which ones are the best?

I’ve chosen four books that I have studied over my degree to discuss. And hey, if you have a book about writing to share, be sure to comment below!


And finally, thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for coming here today, to read this. I have recieved so much support these last few months – both on my Twitter, as well as offline. I can’t thank you all enough for your support.



2 thoughts on “April 2017: Updates, Review Schedule and Theme of the Month!

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  1. Welcome back!
    I didn’t see your previous blog look, but this was easy to read. I like how you’ve set this up. Enjoyed reading your post. Can’t wait to read more.


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